Performer & lineup manager

Plot sites give you the power to create gorgeous, flexible artist & speaker pages that allow you to effortlessly organise your lineup & schedules, create performer biogs and social links, embed content and categorise into genres, all in your bespoke brand.

Schedule calendar

Plot allows easy to manage artist and speaker performances and automatically creates beautiful, modern, interactive and fully customisable schedule calendars.

Introducing Plot Layouts

We’ve created a huge feature set of useful design blocks called Plot layouts, including carousels, featured articles, block links, text lineup views, content columns, forms, video embeds, audio players and much more.

Create as many custom pages as you need, chockfull of amazing features, all controlled through a beautiful drag and drop interface.

Instant site launch button

Putting up holding pages ? Ready to launch? Press the button! You’ve got complete control, so when you’re ready to put anything live, you can turn it on and off yourself.

Announcement pages

Plot gives you the power to create as many Announcement Pages as you require, from simple “Coming Soon” pages to pre-registration, early bird sign up, post event signups and run throughs.

And there’s more...

Popup notifications

Intelligent popups and message banners for time critical sales messages and call to actions, packed with heaps of options, all with the Plot admin area.

Media galleries

High resolution, high performance, web optimised images and videos in gorgeous, unique galleries to showcase your event.

FAQ pages

A simple way to manage FAQs through custom categories and ordering, so your visitors have the right answers when they need them.

Flexible article pages

Not your typical blog CMS- harnessing the power of Plot Layouts for bespoke article pages packed full of features for extra shareability.

Track everything

Add in Analytics and behaviour scripts without needing a developer, from any 3rd party, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Powerful forms

Create newsletter forms, volunteer forms, competitions and pre-registration with ease, and hook them all up to Mailchimp.

Lineup creator

Create incredible, unique page layouts of your lineup, completely customised to your brand.

Partner listings

Manage your partner links and display them effortlessly throughout your site without any fuss.

Locations manager

Got multiple locations? We have powerful location pages to showcase your amazing spaces.

Performance listings

As simple or complex as you need, from running times through to individual performance pages and ticketing.

Performer archive

Automatically archive your artists & speakers from previous years in a single place to showcase the history of your event.

Smart ticketing pages

Link off to your preferred ticketing supplier with our custom, flexible, user friendly ticketing pages

Superstar hosting as standard

We set up your website on our managed hosting platform. Scalable, powerful servers designed to deal with launches and announcements, and reliable all year round.

Traffic spikes.

No probs.

Fast page load.

Oh yeah.

Images dying.


Never speak to server people.


All of the boring admin.


Plot hosting can handle the unique demands of a launch, with up to 50000 page views per month, maximum daily spikes of 5000 page views and 1TB of bandwidth included